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Driver Review: Callaway Epic With Jailbreak

Based in Carlsbad, Calif., Callaway has long been one of the biggest names in all of golf. For more than 30 years, Callaway has been at the forefront of technology across the industry. Makers of some of the game’s best drivers, irons, woods, golf balls and wedges, Callaway is also one of the most recognizable names on the PGA Tour.

Starting from the days of the original Big Bertha driver, players like Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk, Henrik Stenson and Patrick Reed have used Callaway equipment to position themselves among the PGA Tour’s best. The two most decorated players among Callaway’s current group of PGA Tour staff members have in their bags this year the brand’s new Great Big Bertha Epic drivers.

The GBB Epic line of drivers is perhaps the year’s best from any company, with an industry-leading set of features and enhancements over last year’s offering. Promoting “epic distance for every player,” GBB Epic drivers present a new and improved behavior in the head and the face. When put together, the “epic” shift in how the clubhead performs enhances power.

This is capable because of Callaway’s new Jailbreak Technology and the club’s Exo-Cage carbon construction. Promising more speed, distance and control for golfers of all skill levels, the GBB Epic is, indeed, one of the year’s best drivers.

Let’s dive into its features.

Added distance

Thanks to Callaway’s new Jailbreak Technology, the GBB Epic drivers are said to provide added distance by way of faster head speed and industry-leading aerodynamics. Callaway’s new innovation produces more speed across a larger area of the club head face to increase the average distance for golfers.

Maximum forgiveness

With its new titanium Exo-Cage construction, the GBB Epic driver offers superior forgiveness. This innovative construction is the lightest ever in a Callaway driver and promotes low spin and high launch ball flights.

Precision shot-shaping

For advanced players, the GBB Epic with Jailbreak Technology offers superior shot-shaping control. Thanks to a redesigned and adjustable 17-gram weight, golfers can fine-tune the driver to their swings. In testing, Callaway produced more than 20 yards of shot-shape correction using its new technology.


Like many drivers on the market, GBB Epic drivers with Jailbreak Technology come with a host of customization options. Shaft options include HZRDUS, Diamana, Rogue and Fujikura in 40, 50, 60 and 70-gram weights. Additionally, the GBB Epic drivers offer eight-way adjustability to further tune in the best loft and lie angle for your swing.

Callaway offers two distinct GBB Epic with Jailbreak drivers. In addition to the standard GBB Epic, Callaway also offers a tour-level GBB Epic Sub Zero driver. Whereas the standard driver offers one sliding weight, the Sub Zero option includes two weights to further optimize your spin.

Callaway has also introduced its new Jailbreak Technology into fairway woods for 2017. The same features, options and adjustability offered in the GBB Epic driver line are available in fairway woods for men and women.

The Callaway GBB Epic with Jailbreak Technology drivers are available now for $499.99. GBB Epic fairway woods retail at $279.99.

— Ben Larsen

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