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Our Review Of Five KBS Golf Shafts To Help Your Game

Examine golf bags at a PGA Tour event and you’re bound to see that the majority of them are filled with golf clubs using a KBS shaft. Given the fact that KBS was founded by long-time golf shaft builder Kim Braly only in 2008, that’s no small feat. The (mostly) unpaid endorsement of the shafts by the PGA Tour’s best players, of course, validates and amplify’s KBS Shafts’ key message, which is, “Player Driven. Tour Proven.”

KBS Shafts are played by numerous top-flight PGA Tour superstars, including Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, Kenny Perry and Justin Rose. But, company’s line of golf shafts exclusive to PGA Tour stars. KBS Shafts are played quite well in amateur circles thanks to customization options available from some of the industry’s biggest golf club manufacturers — which, of course, even further validates KBS’ impressive performance record.

With that, we’ve decided to review the five most popular shafts in KBS Golf Shafts’ current line of products so that you can better understand which golf shafts are best for you and your game.

KBS C-Taper

Like most of KBS Golf Shaft offerings, the KBS C-Taper is for highly-skilled golfers. The low-launch, tapered design promotes extremely low spin, but for the low handicap player, that means superior accuracy. Note, however, that if you’re not properly fit to to the C-Taper shaft from KBS, you’ll likely struggle with it. But, if fit with the ideal settings, you’ll be experiencing accurate shots with low spin and ball flight.


The KBS Tour FLT features a flighted design that helps golfers hit their irons longer and with increased spin. Unlike the KBS C-Taper, the Tour FLT shafts are geared towards golfers seeking an improved trajectory. The shafts promote low launch and increased spin in the long irons to aid in trajectory optimization. Golfers with slower swing speeds will especially like the KBS Tour FLT.

KBS Tour Hybrid Graphite

Built with similar specs to KBS’ Tour shaft, the Tour Hybrid Graphite has four different weights in regular and stiff profiles, offering a mid to high trajectory for golfers to choose from. KBS Tour Hybrid Graphite shafts were built to provide a player experience similar to that of the KBS C-Taper.

KBS S-Taper

Built similarly to the popular KBS Tour Shaft, the S-Taper from KBS helps golfers control spin while still allowing golfers the ability to work the ball from left to right or right to left. KBS’ S-Taper is perfect for golfers seeking a mid-launch, mid-spin golf shaft.

KBS Tour-V

Compared to other tour-level golf shafts from KBS, the Tour-V is lightweight and offers a mid-trajectory and low spin. The Tour-V aims to provide a consistent ball flight and a limited shot dispersion.

As with many of the equipment-related reviews we offer, we certainly suggest you run through a shaft-fitting process to determine the best type of golf shaft for you and your game and have it customized to your detailed specs. With that said, KBS also offers an online tool that will properly fit you to the best KBS Shaft for your game.

The KBS Fit System takes golfers through a series of questions about their games. The system inputs information on your swing orientation, which golf clubs you’re currently playing, your swing path, your swing speed, 6-iron carry distance, your typical miss and more.

All things considered, KBS Golf Shafts are made extremely well. They offer a variety of performance features and are proven to be of tour-caliber. Providing you take the time to be professionally fit for your shafts or — at a minimum, run through the online KBS Fit System — we recommend using KBS Golf Shafts in your bag. Visit for more information.

— Ben Larsen

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